After 30 years of activity, it is not easy to sum up all our actions. The results of our projects cannot be reduced to a few figures and tables. How could we assess the changes in a family that result from technical and general education given to the mother? Housing, food, health and education of every member of the family have all been improved. Greater stability and peace in the family are also often the result of such actions. Thousands of personal stories make up the tapestry of ACTEC's social statement. Nonetheless, like all institutions, we have to present some indicators that measure our activities. These indicators are not the summary of our work but reflect it among others.

Development activities have to be quantitatively evaluated because resources are scarce and it is essential to use them as efficiently as possible. Moreover, our understanding of development focuses specially on the sustainability of our actions. It is not enough to build up and equip technical training centers: they must last long and train many people. For many years, ACTEC´s team has been conducting a survey that monitors the long-term result of all the projects carried out since 1982. We acknowledge that despite mistakes and failures, most of the projects go on at full capacity, and many of them have even improved and extended their scope of action.

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