ACTEC and its partners promote human development thanks to the generosity of our donors. With their support, they drive us to act in support men and women that want to live in dignity. ACTEC becomes thereby an intermediary that transmits a message of solidarity between North and South.

In the North and in the South we all want everybody to have a real opportunity to blossom thanks to his/her talents and work. "Alone we cannot achieve anything. Together we can everything". Together with our Southern partners we try to faithfully spread this message. Our donors are aware of the opportunities they have been able to pursue and they wish that others in developing countries can also learn a profession that helps them live a fulfilled life.

Our projects are also supported by public funding. The federal government of Belgium (via the DGD) and the European Commission have recognized ACTEC as a development NGO. After a thoroughly study of each project, they grant us funds from tax-payers' contribution, which enables us to multiply the impact of our work..
Co-financing together with public bodies is possible thanks to our private donors. The philosophy of public co-financing is the multiplication of the efforts of private donors. For every euro received from private sources, the public sector grants us a 4 euros subsidy, which enables us to provide more aid to more people.

ACTEC delivers fiscal deduction certificates for each donation above 40 euros.
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