Vocational training

ACTEC believes that education is of vital importance in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Developing countries need qualified people who contribute to the development of the local economy with qualified skills. Too often, large or small enterprises of these countries have a lack of people able to produce according to international standards: in our globalised world, this results in a lack of competitiveness and progressive impoverishment.

A job well done

Our main objective is the human person, purpose and motor of development for families, communities and peoples. Work lies at the heart of our strategy to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries of our projects.

A profession for all is our motto

With a profession our beneficiaries:

  • get employment, which enables them to provide for their families
  • recover the dignity of developing own talents, fulfilling their personality and find their own place within society, being truly useful
  • contribute to the economic development of their community with their professional skills

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