ACTEC's strategy to support micro-enterprises

Our philosophy: everyone is able to promote himself and his environment. Beyond natural and financial resources, men and women are the main resource for development. Through microcredit programmes, ACTEC enables the blooming of many productive initiatives, instigated by the beneficiaries themselves.

These micro entrepreneurs invest their own creativity, work and courage to set up their own small scale enterprise, in very diverse sectors: clothing, catering, trade, hairdressing, etc. ACTEC´s support covers microcredit granting as well as training courses adapted to the needs of the micro entrepreneurs.

ACTEC is not the owner of any credit fund, and also does not administer them. These funds are managed by local partners that have considerable experience in this field, show reliable results on the long run and know the financial context of the country as well as the economic issues for micro-enterprises. Our partner´s professionalism is the best guarantee for the proper administration of the funds as well as the sustainability of the action.

Outline of on-going projects

  • MUJER EMPRESARIA - GUATEMALA - Global support to Mayas women through a microcredit programme (Bancos Comunales) and management training adapted to their micro-enterprises.
  • MICRO-MBA COLOMBIA - Creation of a training and technical assistance center addressing micro-entrepreneurs in Medellín and Antioquia.
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