ACTEC - Our partners

ACTEC´s methodology and approach in project management relies on partnership. We support sustainable and high-quality projects implemented by local partners that have been carefully selected beforhand: they are reliable and have proved great ability in project management and implementation.

Our partners carry out projects that they have submitted to us and that have been thoroughly analyzed by ACTEC´s staff.

This strategy presents many advantages: ACTEC (and its donors) do not need to expatriate expensive personnel since the local staff is perfectly able to monitor the project on a daily basis. The partner gains full ownership of the project it implements itself under ACTEC´s supervision. ACTEC commits itself to visit each project at least once a year, and encourages its partners to come to Brussels as often as possible.

ACTEC´s action aims at strengthening our Southern partners. Our development strategy is based upon the principle of subsidiarity. It is up to the Southern organisations to take responsibility for the development of their countries. Our role is to support them without taking their place. Our work relies on mutual trust and respect that result from our joint mission. Professionalism of local actors is essential for us: it guarantees that the implemented programmes reach their goals on the long run.

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