ACTEC - Our partners

Normally the project duration is from two to five years, but the role of ACTEC does not end with the project: once the action achieved, we gather data every two years. This permits us to follow the evolution of the number of beneficiaries.
The Southern NGOs we cooperate with are our partners. These associations put into action the solidarity impetus carried by ACTEC. Thanks to our local partners, our wish to help becomes a concrete reality for the beneficiaries.

ACTEC promotes civil society in developing countries. In general, Southern States cannot offer basic services to their people. Moreover, excessive bureaucracy, corruption etc. often hinder State performance. Our partners are associations founded by responsible citizens that contribute to the development of their country. They do not expect much from State but we ask them to cooperate with their respective local authorities as far as possible. Very often public bodies take inspiration from our projects. Our work plays thereby the role of catalyst for local initiatives.

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