The course of a project

Implementing a project always starts from the request of local people who are looking for support from a Southern NGO. ACTEC´s staff carries out an on-site survey to ascertain who the beneficiaries will be, what their needs are and to meet our future local partners’ management.
Before starting the project, a full file is drawn up and potential donors for the necessary funding are identified. This phase of conceiving and preparing takes time, which is though essential to ensure coherence between the various activities planned.
Once the project has been defined and the decision to collaborate taken, an agreement is signed between the two associations.
The project is then launched. Work on the project can get underway: construction and renovation of infrastructure, technical training courses for beneficiaries, additional training for teaching and administrative staff, community organisation, etc.
Throughout the project, we closely monitor the action´s progress. Every year, ACTEC conducts an on-site survey to evaluate the progress of the project and to solve any problems together with the partner.
For ACTEC, this is not the end of the project. When our financial support comes to an end, we evaluate the results obtained together. However, the project is not finished at that point... on the contrary! It becomes entirely autonomous and our greatest pride is to see it grow and develop after our contribution has ended.
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