ACTEC is a development NGO set up in 1982 with the aim of supporting vocational training projects for the benefit of poor and marginalised people in developing countries. Since its inception, ACTEC has concentrated efforts on promoting projects that efficiently target local populations of Latin America and Africa. In 1994, we initiated activities in Lebanon.

Inspired by the Christian humanism values, ACTEC believes that people´s progress depends on the respect of the dignity of the human person and the improvement of their autonomy. Autonomy of individuals and families relies on their capacity to obtain their own economic means. Work is a privileged way of achieving this. Every person can fulfill his/her potential either personally or collectively through his/her work, profession or occupation. ACTEC promotes vocational training programmes to improve people's economic situation and to make them understand that their living standards mostly depend on the quality of their work. For the last 30 years, our experience has strengthened our conviction that vocational training is essential for development: trained people have substantially improved their living conditions and their prospects for personal and collective progress.

It is essential for us to promote and support local associations that address distress situations with specific and bold initiatives in human education and technical training. All the partners we have chosen to collaborate with - and that have opted to collaborate with us - represent hope for change for those benefiting from their action. Every project, every action, every partner has its own characteristics to respond to the specific needs of a region. However, all our activities have a common denominator: we refuse to be fatalistic about poverty and are willing to find ways for development which will produce a real change in the lives of our beneficiaries.

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