Richard met Maggy

During the worst time of the ethnic war of Burundi, Maggy Barankitse overcame social barriers when she started to care for orphans, disregarding their ethnic group. Considered as a traitor by her own clan and as a manipulator by the other clan, only children believed in her and gave her strength to continue. The "Maison Shalom" opened its doors, and welcomes today over 130 children: it is one of the most beautiful demonstration of love in the world.

Richard met Maggy at the beginning of her action and he tells us about his story...

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Catarina Hernandez, mother of three children

Because of a natural catastrophe, Catarina Hernandez thought everything she had invested for love for her children was lost…

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Sandra Leticia Vasquez Chuc

Sandra Leticia Vasquez Chuc is mother of five children and decided to go against the familial traditions imposed by her father. Destined to housework at a very early age, she took another path.

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Sœur Violette Sévère

Soeur Violette Sévère survived the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti. She tells us about her feelings...Read more

Lea Mawazo Mpala

Lea Mawazo Mpala comes from Goma, a city located on the Eastern part of the DRC and badly hit by civil war. Born in a numerous family, she had renounced at her too expensive superior education, although she was very talented...Read more

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