Vision & Mission

Our dream

A fair world where everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to his own development.

Our mission

A PROFESSION FOR ALL. We aim at strengthening the role and autonomy of disadvantaged people through vocational training.

Our strategy

SUBSIDIARITY AND PARTNERSHIP. Our local partners are the ones really responsible of the implementation of our development programmes.

Our methodology

SUPPORT TO LOCAL STRUCTURES. Our projects strengthen the capacities of our Southern partners to carry out vocational training programmes autonomously.


  • Construction and equipment of technical and vocational training centres
  • Funds for microcredit, long-term viability
  • Training of trainers
  • Strengthening Southern capacities
  • South-South cooperation and exchange between our local partners

In practice

For each project, we define precise objectives to be reached at the end of our action: facilities have been set up, implemented programmes fit the needs of the target groups, number of beneficiaries, level of financial autonomy, sustainability, etc.

  • Pilot projects for vocational training
  • Sustainability of capacity building programmes
  • Technical and economic sustainability on the long run
  • Improvement of the living conditions of our beneficiaries


The story of each beneficiary is unique and personal: it is utopian to try to summarize all the results of our entire action. Nonetheless we set up indicators for each project to favour the monitoring of its execution:

  • Number of yearly beneficiaries per project
  • Involvement and active participation of the beneficiaries
  • Labour market incorporation rates
  • Training programmes quality (recognition of diplomas)
  • Level of autonomy and of self-financing
  • Community organization
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